Demon in disguiseĀ 

The broken pieces… 

Stuck together, 

Giving another try.

With belief in love.

Handed over to;

Demon in disguise.

The sewn pieces,

Bleeding profusely; 

Helpless did she

Stand numb,

Tears trickling;

With a smile, 

Masking her pain.

The dagger swashed,

As the gash bled. 

Succumbed to love,

She pronounced,

Her love for him!!!

Into the grave

Living with those scars,

And broken pieces,

She was used to…

Never did she mend;

In fear of wreaking.

Lonely with a mask,

None knew her pain.

For she never let;

Anyone see through her.

Years passed by…

The day blossomed. 

With a smile so bright, 

Came into her life;

A knight so charming: 

That melted her,

Moulding herself; 

Into a perfect sculpture.

Breathing life into, 

Woman in her unexplored. 

With his mystical touch;

Scars healed, 

Pains vanished, 

Tears wiped,

The saviour amour, 

As he held her close;

Towards his chest.

Feeling loved, 

A tear of joy,

Trickled down her cheeks.

Not knowing, 

Those hands embraced, 

Not in love, 

But to crush her;

To shatter her heart,

And stab her soul.

Dragging her to the grave. 

As the demonised eyes,

Gleamed with wickedness, 

Another prey put to rest!!!