Into the grave

Living with those scars,

And broken pieces,

She was used to…

Never did she mend;

In fear of wreaking.

Lonely with a mask,

None knew her pain.

For she never let;

Anyone see through her.

Years passed by…

The day blossomed. 

With a smile so bright, 

Came into her life;

A knight so charming: 

That melted her,

Moulding herself; 

Into a perfect sculpture.

Breathing life into, 

Woman in her unexplored. 

With his mystical touch;

Scars healed, 

Pains vanished, 

Tears wiped,

The saviour amour, 

As he held her close;

Towards his chest.

Feeling loved, 

A tear of joy,

Trickled down her cheeks.

Not knowing, 

Those hands embraced, 

Not in love, 

But to crush her;

To shatter her heart,

And stab her soul.

Dragging her to the grave. 

As the demonised eyes,

Gleamed with wickedness, 

Another prey put to rest!!!


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