Woman in me

Let the beast in me,

Be shackled by the;

Beauty of my mind.

Let the vampire in me,

Never desire for fangs;

And be exorcised by;

The saint in me.

Let not the devil chop,

The fluttering wings;

Of the angel in me.

To be either can I…

For am a woman of:

Enormous strength,

Endured the pain,

And crucification unduly.

With scars hidden,

Under the wetness,

Of my eyes;

Caused by the,

Cruel world around,

That deserves to see,

the harsh side:

Of a strong woman!



A piece of art,

Desired by all;

not adored:

Or loved.

unaffordable it is,

For the treasures,

Of this world;


As its value,


Only in love:

Will make the,

Demons fail.

For its place;

Is among,

The clouds,

In the heavens, 

As a mist;


Just felt,

In hearts,

Longing to…

Be owned.

The invaluable, 

Art that melts:

In the eyes,

Of the beloved!!!