Lord of my life 

I know not, from when;

Have I known thee.

For in me have thy dwelt;

As an unsung song,

An invisible portrait etched;

In the soft breeze that stroked,

And the fragrance of incenses;

In the the chirping of the birds,

Glistening stream & smell of earth;

Stars glittering amidst the dark clouds…

Echoes of bells ringing.

With me in solitude shared..

Moments of ecstasy;

Invisible to naked eyes..

Adoringly I surrender unto thee;

My lord, my love of my life!!


Confluence of souls 

Redness of my vermilion on your lips,

Lipping mine with craving desires.

Softly relishing the sweetness;

Locking and twirling of tongues.

The deepest voices of our eyes..

As sounds of nature sing,

A song only we could hear.

Such shall be the embrace;

Not even air be in between..

Wrapping my arms around,

Holding your tresses;

Placing your face on my bosom…

As you savour the bowl of life.

Gracing my life…Oh lord!!!

As u blow life into me..

Making me yours forever.

I bow down to kiss your feet,

And stay devoted to my lord,

Day after day, life after life…