Miles apart


Your words swiped me off…

The sweet nothing whispers,

Still rings in my heart…

I close my eyes and…

feel you near me…

The warm smile & hug..

Everything around me ..

Reminds of you, my love..

U made me realise..

Love can be far, yet near..

Miles may part us..

Making us more fonder…

As a knight u conquered ..

my heart with love…

I know you will..

remain close to my heart.

I dont need to see or touch..

To feel the real you…

For you have touched ..

my heart a thousand ways..

making me feel ..

the warmth of your love,

with unknown passions..

 remaining miles away..

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Only thy soul do i know,
For incarnate is new.
Birth after birth,
Reliving a tale of fantasy…
Unknown to oneself,
As souls from paradise…
Entwined as one.
Meeting through hearts,
No reason do we need,
To begin instantly.
Not known to us were,
A cascade of love…
Gliding through the births…
Sprinkling  divinity,
And eternal love…
Destiny does unify us,
Living inside each other,
For ages infinite…
Intrinsically being ours…
Soul mates life after life.