Into the abyss

of my dark life..

you ignited a spark,

of warmth & love..

Filling my solitude,

with dreams infinite..

You came as an answer,

to my prayers..

Touched my soul,

with the grace of your love..

and gave a reason to smile..

Together wove dreams,

of colourful fantasies..

living each day,

to embrace in realism..

eyes twinkle & lips quiver,

as your thoughts conquer me.

Each day dawns with dreams,

& nights enveloped with memories..

Luring each other and..

awaiting to surrender ourselves,

in the lap of heavenly bliss.



14 thoughts on “Fantasy

  1. Hi, you have beautifully sprayed the heavenly aroma of love,making the heart of a reader tranquil with the feel of it.Probably every letter of yours bears the witness to the inexpressible,unflinching,unfathomable ocean of love waiting to gush out from your heart at the slightest inkling of your mind. EXCELLENT.


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