Colourless images

Walking through the narrow alley..

With darkness enveloped..

Lost in the rumpus of the world..

Moving forward in fluster..

The past images move..

Swirling around my thoughts..

Beautiful & colourful ones..

Tainted with black & red..

The smile languish behind tears..

Eclipsing my vision..

As the obscurity unveil itself..

I descry images colourless..

And you infront of me..

As you depict those images..

into colours of pink & gold..

As the sun shines on it..

A world of love & happiness..

Unwrap for you & me..




Dawn breaking through,

the moving clouds..

Sun peeping in lustrously,

glazing on the panes..

Moving to glimpse it,

make me fervor..

My lips asunder at,

the aesthetic nature..

Clouds move past,

Nuzzling against me..

As i close my eyes,

to feel the bliss..

I realise they were,

like moving fantasies..

for no more am i in rapture,

moving in enigma..

Have gone past me,

renouncing me alone..


The warm hug..

The cool breeze from the hills,

just blew her tresses over,

making the pale cheeks blush,

walking through the misty woods,

the clouds forming a veil,

kissing the mountain tips,

floating like a white feather,

the cool winds & the drizzle gyrated

around making her tremble..

her eyes like sparkling star..

beamed a ray of happiness,

at the sight of the loved one,

pacing towards him..

snuggled into his wide open arms,

as he caressed her ecstatically..


passion burns the soul..

Thy passion burns my soul,

Thou knows not how it overwhelms,

Love conveyed through silence,

Hath more sway,

When eyes meet eyes,

Speaking infinite thoughts,

The heart knows the quiver,

Letting out the cadence loud & clear,

The dawn & dusk alike,

A treat for my soul,

The night as deep as you,

Convey as deep as your eyes,

Arousing the senses within me,

Touching the most beautiful vision,

Untouched by the lovers love,

As you lusciously envelope me,

Fructifying my yearning soul.


Will our love blossom..

The scorching pain of..

bygone days remain..

like a scar never healed..

it remains unseen & untold..

yet it erupts unknowingly..

with tears streaming down my cheeks.. 

will our love blossom again,

as in spring after winter,

will there be dreams,

for both you & me..

will we see the sunshine,

again through our hearts..

will the little birds chirp..

a love song for you & me..

will the moon shy away…

& hide behind the clouds..

will the happiness bloom 

again in our lives.

making it colourful  & worth.. 


Dream or a nightmare..

The gentle breeze and..
the droplets of water..
as it sprinkled on me..
sitting on the rock..
which once adorned the,
beauty of our mystical love,
and made me spellbound,
standing here bewildered..
the memories come gushing,
thronging the pages of my mind..
making me frail & daunt..
I wake up feeble..
knowing it wasn’t a dream..
but an everlasting nightmare..